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tv   Book TV After Words  CSPAN  March 15, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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but let's see some of the sights and sounds as we get ready for the festival today.
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black book and is published by hyperion. the author, brian ross.
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>> it was an interesting moment when governor bush was sort of settling in on his vice presidential choice. he liked cheney as opposed to the others who were looking at, the other nine. he liked the guy who was in charge of the process. he called me at home and is coming in off the road he said i want you to come over and he was against cheney. there were five or six of us who knew about this. each one sworn to secrecy. he said i want you to come over tomorrow morning to the governor's mansion and lay out the case for cheney. and i just said, come and be prepared, tell me what you don't think it out to be cheney. so i went to the governor's mansion and sat them in small room, the austin library, with
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him. sitting just about as close as i am to you. and for about herby or 35 minutes, maybe a few spaces further apart. any reasons why we didn't need to worry about wyoming, dick cheney and a conservative member of congress from wyoming and would have to defend his voting record and putting voting against resolution, calling for the release of nelson mandela from prison. he had a heart attack in his mid-30's and would have to defend questions of his health and fitness. this one on for about 30 or 35 minutes. as i lit up the casecome, kaisha you figure it out but what if i said this and i disagree with that and would you say if i said that? do it on for about 30, 35 minutes. at the end i exhausted my list. he said you're been anything else? maxey says deal tierney questions for karl? and invited me over he didn't say she was going to dick cheney there. he goes to show a couple things about roche.
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one thing he views this as a governing decision on a political decision. becoming the next interviewer right on most or all that stuff, but that's politics. my job is to worry if something happened to me who would the country have confidence in? second abolish of his style which is he likes to have people around him who have strong opinions or in many not agree with this and are willing to lay him out in a respectful, straightforward way in front of others who might have a different opinion. and it was quite an experience. >> host: did your opinion of dick cheney change over the eight years? >> guest: well, my opinion of him when i left the room i said great as irritated the guy who will be the next vice president. and then we became friends. he never help it against me. he said that was my job. my job was to go to those questions and not take it personal.
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>> host: with a roving campaign? >> guest: is not what is normally depict it. the ugly things that people say are at the heart of campaigns iran, most of which are fear-based mudball politics. and i got a couple of great quotes in it from people who have commented on them. rove and his minions never stops surprising me in being able to come up with something that will shock a 60-year-old great hound bus station. there are very negative view of the electorate. the electorate can be won over by that kind of politics. and i don't see the american voters, particularly the high profile races for senate or governor or president are motivated by those kinds of base instincts. in fact, i think they reject them and people who cross those lines and when those kind of campaigns tend to lose. in fact, tend to lose a lot. but a roving campaign is one
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based around first volley that authentic idea, what is it that that man or woman running for office wants to achieve. because at the end of day that the voters are going to principally judged by us. what is their vision and also to the other capacity come in the background, experience, the persona. he gives people confidence the field to achieve the vision. the best way to look at a political campaign is to consider it as like the emperors new clothes, the childhood fable. at the end of the parade, built the reservoir. hopefully they'll see you on a better day, but they will see reservoir. candidates who lack essential values are core belief and just run on the basis of something completely phony tend to lose. >> host: then why is there a feeling about you by a lot of folks that you are negative and divisive? >> guest: idea with some of these myths. for example, in south carolina, john mccain's campaign held
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bush responsible and i was easier to attack than bush. i was supposedly responsible for this e-mail from a professor at jones university that let john mccain had fathered an out of wedlock black baby and it was ugly, a vicious little smear. but a couple things. one if i had nothing to do with it. even jonathan karl working at cnn got a hold of the professor who basically said, i did this on my own and so what. i have a right to do it. but it was a vicious, a gated smear on john mccain. the kind of things that look come to south carolina voters are not attracted by that. it was the thing that on the surface didn't help anybody who didn't want john mccain made president. it was the kind of thing that people naturally reject. then, what happened if mccain stood up and said george bush is behind this. south carolina republicans like
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mccain and bush and liked them both. not one in a thousand would believe george bush was capable of doing that. my personal viewpoint it happened was i was afraid because i thought mccain with these upon it to talk about himself. the story behind he and his wife's adoption of a young baby from a bangladesh orphanage run by mother teresa is an incredible story of compassion and love, just the kind of thing in a campaign that would explain a lot about to john and cindy mccain and serve as the norma's plus for them. but instead of saying hold on, let's wait a minute, here's what i want the people of south carolina and america to know. instead, he said bush did this and shame on bush and i have no evidence that bush did it, but you know, shame on bush. and as a result -- it was the whole mindset. this kind of attitude made itself evident in other ways that i talk about in the book.
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and lost the primary for mccain and hence lost the nomination in the presidential election. >> host: you've also talked about and if that were you a chance to meet with john mccain that iran. >> guest: in 2004, mccain offered three longtime aide and a person than i know that mccain would campaign for us. and they made an appearance with president bush in washington state, which was nonpolitical and the president has that look on this first wing qaeda wants you along, but you can work out your problems with mccain later. and laughed. he thought that was funny. so the first trip i spent with mccain was then florida. we flew to pensacola, florida, then took a bus to niceville and seaside and at the end of the day panama city. and what we got on air force one at andrews, the president had his cia briefing suicide go back and talk to mccain.
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entertainment came in telling ready. while this is awkward because mccain's campaign, even mccain's wife at the she famously said was asked if she ever had a chance come away to stab me in the back? and she said no, i'll stab him in the front. there were high emotions about this. so we go to the back cabin and it's a nervous conversation, but then we start talking about pensacola where mccain had his naval aviator flight training and he started talking about his days there. and it evolved little sports cards and lots of alcohol and exotically named women and it was funny. i've never laughed so hard in my life. he was one wild young aviator. and we then flew into panama city, actually pensacola where he'd done his training and we went to a stadium, a facility that held about 10,000 people. it was packed to the gills with people. when they announced mccain and the president was a sea of noise
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and discombobulated mccain was so wild of a scene. this is where the two of them take off their jackets, which raises his arms, mccain praised arms of the president and they realize because of us were just can't raise his arms above here. and so the president is leaving, mccain is talking to the president and this is the famous photograph of the democrats using in 2008 where he looks like has his head. and bush is shoulder. but we campaign the rest of the day it was an extraordinary day. i mean, more sheets were sacrificed and turned into campaign sign a day than you've ever seen in and the children lined the roads and mobs blocked highway 38 at the site and stopping physically stopping the bus. and all along sitting in the bus and mccain starts going, look at that, look at that. i had them in the arm. my arm by the end of the day is literally black and blue. we end up in the driving rain of
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panama city, 25,000 people at a time of 100,000. we pull up and tracy byrd is the country western singer saying he's the only guy who strive. he's undercover on the stage. just as the bus pulls up in mccain and bush get out, the cloud parts, the sun begins to set in the gulf of mexico and the two men emerge on the stage, a fantastic moment. and we ended up the next day in phoenix and at the end of the day i possibly gave mccain by theodore roosevelt cufflinks because he's such a tr bus. >> host: karl rove, which he used that picture if of you with the opposition? >> guest: i don't think that ultimately helped them. i think you made them look petty and small. it was easy and simple to do, but it made them -- i mean, people did not think john mccain was george w. bush. if


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